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  • YSP Vertical Centrifugal Ceramic (SIC) Sump Pump

YSP Vertical Centrifugal Ceramic (SIC) Sump Pump

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This series of ceramic (SIC) sump pumps are vertical centrifugal slurry pumps. They are immersed in liquid and adopt single pump casing structure connected by cassette. They have wide flow passage and ceramic lining. They have good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. They are suitable for conveying abrasive and high concentration slurry. Without shaft seal and shaft seal water, it can work normally under the condition of insufficient suction.

Diameter: 40mm-300mm

Capacity: 5m³/h-1600m³/h

Head: 4m-40m

Fully cantilever-eliminates the immersion bearings, packing, lip seals and mechanical seals commonly required by other vertical slurry pumps.

Impeller-unique double-suction impeller; fluid flow enters the top and bottom. This design eliminates the shaft seal and reduces the thrust load on the bearing.

Large particles-Large particle impellers can also be used to pass over large solid particles.

Bearing assembly-The easy-to-maintain bearing assembly features heavy-duty roller bearings, sturdy bearing housings and solid shafts.

Pump housing-The metal pump has a thick-walled, wear-resistant 27% chromium alloy pump housing. The rubber casing of the rubber pump is molded on a sturdy metal structure.

Chromatographic column and discharge tube-The metal pump column and discharge tube are made of steel, and the rubber column and discharge tube are covered with rubber.

Upper filter-plug-in elastomer filter is installed in the opening of the chromatographic column to prevent excessive particles and excess waste from entering the pump housing.

Lower filter-The bolt cast filter on the metal pump and the molded snap-on elastomer filter on the rubber pump prevent excessive particles in the pump.

Application field

Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, municipal, power, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials and other industries

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