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Ceramic Slurry Pump

Why choose Yi Jia slurry pump

Yi Jia Slurry Pump adopts a split shell design, which can easily overhaul the liner, impeller and sealing sleeve for maintenance. Most Slurry Pumps have an assembly auxiliary arm to support the suction sleeve when replacing the impeller and maintaining the gland. This feature allows technicians to remove the casing from the pump without having to drop the components on the ground or use a crane.

Yi Jia ceramic Slurry Pump has a wet end bushing that can be replaced on site, making it easy to maintain. These liners are self-sealing to provide a reliable seal. Several rubber compounds can be used for various purposes: natural rubber compounds can achieve high abrasion resistance, and nitrile and neoprene rubbers can be used for different chemical properties.

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