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Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

Ceramic Pump Parts include throat liners, impellers, frame plate liners, frame plate liners, bushings, are interchangeable with AH series mud pump parts. It has many excellent properties such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Now we continue to provide slurry pump ceramic parts for coal power generation, non-ferrous casting, mining, etc. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ceramic slurry pump parts greatly exceed those made of high-chromium alloys. The wear resistance of ceramic parts is 5 times that of high chromium. However, ceramic parts are only 1/3 the weight of chrome parts.

Ceramic Pump Parts is an inorganic non-metallic material whose wear resistance is 5 times that of high chromium with a Mohs hardness of 8.9, second only to diamond and cubic boron nitride. Compared with similar products, the density of our ceramics is about 5% higher than other products, and the flexural strength at room temperature is doubled.

Ceramic pump materials can provide enhanced performance, low wear, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and low media contamination for ceramic slurry pump parts.

Ceramic materials have extremely high hardness, high melting point, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and maintain these properties at high temperatures. Ceramics are chemically inert and resistant to most solvents, acids and bases.


Ceramics are ideal materials of construction for certain ceramic pump parts such as plungers, check valve balls, impellers and liners. Ceramics can be manufactured to tight tolerances and clearances of 2 to 5 microns. Tight clearances make the pump virtually leak-free, eliminating the need for external seals. Ceramics also have the least friction. Corrosion and wear resistance are factors in the selection of ceramic pump materials and components.

The low wear rate of ceramic means that the medium can generally be expected to be virtually free from pump contamination. Ceramic plungers and assemblies provide a long-life pump, allowing the pump to operate for 10 years in high volume production plants with minimal maintenance.

Corrosion resistance

SiC has stable chemical properties, can almost withstand the corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and alkalis, and has good oxidation resistance.

Wear resistance

The crystal structure of SiC is the same as the regular tetrahedron of diamond, and it is also a compound mainly held together by covalent bonds. In fact, SiC is second only to diamond in hardness. After testing, the anti-wear performance is 3.51 times that of Cr30.

As a leading ceramic pump parts supplier, Yijia provides all kinds of ceramic slurry pump parts and ceramic slurry pump for sale. With OEM ceramic pump parts according to your requirements, welcome to be the first to inquire!

Ceramic Pump Part DescriptionMaterialApplication
Impeller, liner, throat bush etc.High chrome, CeramicFor mines and other wear resistance working conditions
Impeller, liner, throat bush, F.P.L. Insert, etc.Natural rubber, elastomer and polyurethaneCorrosion (especially acid) and abrasion conditions
Cover plate, frame plate, base, bearing housing, etc.Grey iron and ductile ironAll kinds of working conditions
Expeller, expeller ring, stuffing box, etc.Stainless steel, high chromeChemical industry, corrosion (especially for acid) conditions
Shaft, shaft sleeve, lantern ring, neck ring, etc.Stainless steel, 1045 steel
Seal, O ringElastomer
BoltStainless steel, 1045 steel

Ceramic pumps and ceramic pump components offer advantages over their metal and plastic counterparts. Ceramic pumps are the best choice in certain corrosive and abrasive applications and high volume, precision filled end uses.

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Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

Ceramic Slurry Pump

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