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YAH Horizontal Ceramic (SIC) Slurry Pump

  • Product Description

Product Description

Yijia horizontal slurry pump series is one of the most comprehensive centrifugal slurry pump series in the world, suitable for mining, chemical and industrial applications. Our horizontal slurry pumps are designed for ultra-heavy applications, such as mill unloading, processing plants and tailings, high-pressure pipelines, and other special applications.

Features of horizontal slurry pump:

• Heavy-duty structure designed with through bolts is easy to maintain and has the shortest downtime

• Nodular cast iron fully lined shell provides durability, strength, safety and long service life

• Large diameter, slow-rotating, high-efficiency impellers are designed to achieve maximum wear life and low operating costs

• Large open internal channels are designed to reduce internal speed, maximize wear life and reduce operating costs

• Thick elastomer or alloy bolt lining provides excellent corrosion resistance, and provides easy-to-replace and interchangeable linings to reduce overall maintenance costs and maximize wear life

• Minimal shaft/impeller overhang can reduce shaft deflection and extend packing life

• Cartridge bearing assembly allows maintenance in a clean environment without disassembling the pump, thereby achieving reliable operation and extending bearing life

• Grease or oil lubricated bearing assembly options simplify maintenance and reduce downtime

• Optional dry running shaft seal can reduce or eliminate flushing water

• Effective propellers extend the life of the packing while reducing or eliminating the need for flushing water

• Interchangeability of sealing devices-full flushing, low flow, centrifugal or mechanical seals can be installed on slurry pumps of any size

Diameter: 20mm-650mm

Capacity: 10m³/h-9100 m³/h

Head: 4m-120m

Horizontal slurry pump design

• The shaft with oversized roller bearings is assembled in a cartridge housing that is embedded in a fabricated pump frame.

• The stuffing box housing is attached to the same pump frame to ensure full concentricity between the shaft and the seal.

• The impeller is taper and keyed to the shaft, ensuring a secure connection even when counter-rotating and still easy to replace.

• The vertically split housing allows up to five pumps to operate in series with the standard pump.

• Shaft seals employ gland packing, water flush stuffing boxes, or dynamic "thrust" seals. The pump-out vanes on the impeller support both alternatives. The stuffing box version has double protection against the ingress of mud.


Horizontal slurry pump installation

• The sliding base arrangement eliminates the need for a separate foundation.

• For overhead motor installations, the large adjustable motor base plate is an integral part of the pump frame. Direct coupling and reverse overhead are also available motor mounting options.

• Motor size

Motor size and drivetrain components vary by pump application. The data required to calculate pump speed and motor power are:

• Flow (l/min, GPM, etc.)

• Slurry density (kg/m3)

• Total discharge head (m, ft)

Typical application of horizontal slurry pump

• Mining and Mineral Processing

• Extra heavy duty highly abrasive slurries

• Cyclone feed

• Mine waste and tailings

• Industrial processing

• Mill discharge

• Sand and gravel

• Medium Abrasive Slurry

• Slurry transfer pump in factory

When to use a centrifugal slurry pump?

Centrifugal slurry pumps are used when high flow rates of liquids are required, where mixtures contain high concentrations of abrasives or large soft or hard solids up to 100M head. Positive displacement pumps can also be used for slurries, but must run much slower to minimize pump wear.

As a leading horizontal slurry pump exporter, Yijia provides high quality ceramic slurry pump and spare parts with competitive price. If you need more information, pls no hesitate to contact us.

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