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What is the Main Material of the Ceramic Slurry Pump?

Apr. 02, 2021

As a Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturer, share with you.

Ceramic Slurry Pump

Ceramic Slurry Pump

1. Pouring advanced ceramic materials: mixing silicon carbide and other wear-resistant ceramics with special particle gradation and bonding agent, forming and solidifying in a precise model mold through a vacuum pouring process; and then performing precise size processing by diamond tools;

2. Sintered advanced ceramic materials: The ceramic powder is mixed with special binders and catalysts according to a special gradation, and a blank is formed through a molding process. The blank is placed in a high-temperature sintering furnace for sintering, and then diamond tools are used for precise size processing;

The Mohs hardness of silicon carbide crystal is 9.7, which is close to the hardness of diamond, and it is extremely inert. It has long-lasting reliability that metal can't match under harsh abrasive and corrosive environments (PH value 0-12). Pouring advanced ceramic materials can not only be used for pouring new pump parts in the factory, but also can be used for on-site repair of worn out old parts. Sintered advanced ceramic materials use special particle gradation and additive formula, molding process and optimized product structure design to ensure that the slurry pump product has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance while being able to withstand high-strength large Particle impact expands the application range of this type of slurry pump.

3. Advanced composite materials: silicon carbide or silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide ceramic slurry pumps produced by sintering or similar epoxy resin casting processes are still ceramic material products, and their impact resistance is still weak, and they are coarsely ground in the first stage. It is still not applicable in large particle conditions. Based on its self-developed ACC/ACS advanced ceramic materials, AVIC Advanced Materials has worked hard to improve the toughness of the material and the overall reliability of the pump through technical research, and developed ACM advanced composite materials and applied them The company's ACP advanced slurry pump flow components are gradually being applied to the harsh working conditions of the first stage grinding and coarse grinding of iron ore.

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