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With The Implementation Of The Policy Of R & D Expenses Plus Deduction Proportion In Manufacturing Industry, Our Economic Strength And Product Strength Have Been Further Improved

May. 11, 2021

On March 24, the State Council held an executive meeting on the deployment and implementation of policies to increase the proportion of R & D expenses plus deduction of manufacturing enterprises.

Since the establishment of our company, we have invested a lot of money in the fields of ceramic slurry pump, riser, special-shaped ceramic parts, ceramic plate parts and other new materials, and strive to bring better service and more preferential products to the market. After the implementation of this policy, our company will have more energy to improve the existing technology and develop new products and models. In the protection of the interests of the original customers at the same time, for more, broader industry market to make contributions.

Details of this policy are as follows.

1. From January 1 of this year, the proportion of R & D expenses deduction of manufacturing enterprises will be increased from 75% to 100%, which is equivalent to 2 million yuan deduction from taxable income for every 1 million yuan of R & D expenses invested by enterprises. With the implementation of this policy, it is estimated that on the basis of tax cuts of more than 360 billion yuan last year, another 80 billion yuan will be cut for enterprises this year. This institutional arrangement is the most powerful policy in this year's structural tax reduction.


 SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

2. Reform the accounting method of R & D expenses, allowing enterprises to choose to enjoy the preferential treatment of R & D expenses by half a year. The R & D expenses in the first half of the year can be deducted from the income tax final settlement of the next year to the prepayment in October of that year, so that enterprises can benefit as soon as possible.


Under the impact of the epidemic and e-commerce, the manufacturing industry has stepped into the strange circle of "R & D represents accelerated decline, stagnation equals delayed death". For our company, which continuously deepens its investment in technology R & D and technological innovation, better economic strength represents shorter R & D cycle and better technical strength, which will eventually be reflected in the products we bring to the market and society, The promotion of ceramic slurry pump is not only for commercial operation, but also for serving our industry, superior and subordinate suppliers and other friendly businesses through better products, so as to fill in our own strength for the technological revolution.


The meeting also pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, enterprises should play a better role in innovation, make more use of market-oriented, fair and inclusive incentive policies, encourage enterprises and the whole society to increase R & D investment, enhance the stamina of economic development, and promote the optimization of economic structure. In recent years, the tax preferential policy of R & D expense deduction has been increasing, which has effectively promoted enterprise innovation. At the same time, we should study the tax support policies for technology R & D service enterprises and "innovation and entrepreneurship" enterprises.

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